Subtle in the need trees, suspicion opens
all limb, always resist. This appearance is not
the first. We seek the limb delineate, drop

where a mind of intentional treasons
may proceed to surgeon a void less quaint,
to ward hands for the steep receiving—

our joint phantom is indestructible dismarriage.
Initial limb: an other, whether over-skin
of goal or just suant less before a tapeline long.

Once-potential at the stairs perceiving. We will
the falling, is and of. Only we along the cut,
amputation black. First we, then the limb out.

* * *

The limb receiving this appearance is the first
quaint limb of treason, the initial suspicion
that, whether by our hands or another, we

may not need the limb at all, just suant skin
over once-joint. The falling out of trees
always intentional. Stairs, steep to resist.

The first subtle mind of amputation is a limb
perceiving in black potential. A void. A phantom
or less where less is the goal. Along a tapeline

we delineate the cut. And we will only seek
a surgeon for so long before toward dismarriage
we proceed. Then the indestructible drop opens: