I have learned to be still

I have learned that I don’t have to go anywhere

to find the center of the universe

Anything can be that center

From any point, any speck, any dust mite

I can widen

what that speck includes

what that speck is willing

to embrace

what that speck can be the center of

until everything that is possible to get to

is included in the circle

so I have learned to be still

to let everything pass through me

as sieve

as net

that manages to catch

awareness of what passes through

me as I pass through them

in an exchange of tiny ropes of essences

(so I can wear necklaces everywhere, protein loops)

There is a claiming of me by what passes through

and the part of me passed through

are claimed by parts of what passes through

that touch it

so these point by point embraces

together make up realities

and can be put together in any order

to form one big remarkable thing

as what passes through me

passes through what passes through

everything else

in every form of reality

that is possible to make

from any locations possible

in any reality that is possible

including realities

made in imagination

for so much passes through

the mind

O see, O hear, O touch how things connect

Because of what’s possible

Because of all the hands

all the specks –which can be any shape

made of any substance

which can be any form—

Because of all the hands

all the specks touching in the exchanges

and groping their way

Because of all the hands involved

in shuffling pieces of maybe unlimited numbers

of flexible realities

& because of how easy it is to connect dots

one day red might arrive

some planes and geometries might meet

an event of red dress might happen

for dress is not always red

red happens to dress

red dress is an event

red might slip by dress

when they are on paths that do not cross

somewhere for some length of time

I do not put on a red dress

It is something outside of wardrobes

acceptable for me

some of what I do

some of what I believe and practice

could be questioned

if I put on a red dress

but if I am still

an event of red dress might happen

if I do not move from this spot

so that specks of both red

and dress

can find me

then there will be

—while they pass through—

realities I can feel
specks of red
and specks of dress
outfit and configure different parts of me
at different speeds
for different lengths of time
during which hoochie mama gets in
at least one of all possible equations
and I will walk out of here
where I have stood as if hard at work
on display in a gallery
no worse for the where I’ve been
apparently unchanged
but the red dress
was put on under my skin
and it fits me
Oh it’s so amazing
that everything that passes through