I perform; there is nothing but performance;
the skin check I give me to spot another
killer spot; the spot the sun would drill
into me; the hole in the sky that let it burn
through; the margins malignant and unclean;
the language that stretches to capture us all;
the poem that moves quickly through your blood;
two years without a word next to another;
candling the egg to see the flame inside;
breathing and breathing again; couch life;
rejecting the means to inebriation; oh but the ends;
tumors like mice under a sheet; parenthood
the rickety contraption; immunotherapy;
memory before the accident; the internet



ooh that’s the worst ratio; gimme the full effect;
night and day and the cavernous self; no one
is young but in america all are; nevertheless; children;
gimme a confession or is it a meditation in sea
effect; I would like to offer my service; complicity;
gas to heat my home and cook my stew; panoramic;
the distance in a receding line; I would like to volunteer;
donate the cables that no longer mate; I would like 
to share my offering; my imeasurable self-pity;
my wisdom; what I have learned by looking away;
the compartments I’ve kept vacant for occupation;
this map I have made of the moon; careful; it’s in
charcoal; if you take it it will be ruined; gimme that
back; you’ll smear it; I was ready; now I’m not