In ambush with web and pin and broken off not-too-
Distant pledge, a flax knife handled like failed office, as hobnails
Hammered through the many careful bodies of a breeze
By the hundreds let them come; they come corseted in ice.
I encircle you like sacrifice, a secretary’s desk.
Between springs, ankles colt-swindled based on sight and
Artificial things, delight in sound, sound, for melody
Is a most base might of another artificial strain
And greets delight like sacrifice, like the seminary
Of the swindling class, in bare feet taking leave by hundreds.
Let them come, snow between springs, ankles colt-bearing
The slack knives of failed office, corseted in vice.
Husk to stalk I bind you hobnailed ambush, my corsage
Tangled, thin arms webbed and pinned and broken.