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Akbar Ganji

Akbar Ganji is one of Iran’s leading political dissidents and has received over a dozen human rights awards for his efforts. Imprisoned in Iran until 2006, he is author of one book in English, The Road to Democracy in Iran, which lays out a strategy for a nonviolent transition to democracy in Iran.


Including translations of Khamenei's speeches from 1990 to the present.

Akbar Ganji

What will it take to revive U.S.-Iran relations?

Akbar Ganji
Rouhani FEMA

Hassan Rouhani’s presidential election creates an opportunity for negotiations with Iran. President Obama should seize it.

Akbar Ganji
Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 4

Harsher Measures Against Iran Won't Work.

Akbar Ganji

Akbar Ganji Accepts the Friedman Prize.

Hamid Dabashi Akbar Ganji

Gender Apartheid in Iran.

Akbar Ganji

Changing Iran from within.

Akbar Ganji

The opponents of political Islam are not liberals, but secular fundamentalists.

Akbar Ganji