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Alexis L. Boylan

Alexis L. Boylan is Associate Professor of Art and Art History and Africana Studies at the University of Connecticut, and is Director of Academic Affairs for University of Connecticut’s Humanities Institute. She is author of Ashcan Art, Whiteness, and the Unspectacular Man and editor of Thomas Kinkade: The Artist in the Mall.

Alexis Boylan Ande Leon Talley

A new memoir by long-time Vogue editor André Leon Talley paints a grim picture of a fashion industry in which people of color have few opportunities beyond serving the ambitions of white designers, editors, and executives.

Alexis L. Boylan
Hyman Bloom Female Corpse MFA Alexis Boylan

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ retrospective of Hyman Bloom offers visitors the chance to engage with work that exemplifies how art can foster justice-minded, ethical looking.

Alexis L. Boylan
Alexis Boylan AI creativity

Two new books about machine creativity mostly reveal how little appreciation we still have for the full range of human creativity.

Alexis L. Boylan
Alexis Boylan Matthew Fox-Amato Exposing Slavery

Slavery and the Civil War were central to the development of photography as both a technology and an art.

Alexis L. Boylan