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Calista McRae

Calista McRae is an assistant professor in the Humanities department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, author of Lyric as Comedy: The Poetics of Abjection in Postwar America, and coeditor of The Selected Letters of John Berryman.

Calista McRae Amit Majmudar

Through careful and often irreverent uses of traditional poetic forms, Amit Majmudar offers affecting insights into geopolitics and contemporary life, from the War on Terror to hyperincarceration.

Calista McRae
McRae bird window strikes

Since 1970 North America has lost 29 percent of its bird population. New York City alone kills almost a quarter of a million birds each year. More than most people, poets have tried to respond to these unremarked—and mostly preventable—deaths.

Calista McRae

Lynn Melnick's jagged poems interrogate rape culture to reveal the absurdity of misogyny.

Calista McRae