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Debra Satz

Debra Satz is Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society and Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University and coauthor of the forthcoming Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and the Public.


Remembering Kenneth Arrow

Debra Satz

 Ethicists, economists, and others have developed a set of useful tools for deciding what to do when economic, environmental, and social values conflict. 

Mark Budolfson Blake Francis Hyunseop Kim Debra Satz

The writers—including Nobel Laureate in Economics Kenneth Arrow and bestselling authors Paul and Anne Ehrlich—lay out what our country’s principles are, whether we’re living up to them, and what can be done to bring our institutions into better alignment with them.

Debra Satz David B. Grusky Rob Reich Doug McAdam

Debating the place of the market should be about inequality, not goods.

Debra Satz

In a democracy, equal citizenship is foundational.

Debra Satz Rob Reich

A good’s meaning and price do not usually travel together.

Debra Satz

Danielle Allen asks education to do heavier lifting than it can.

Debra Satz

Markets raise philosophical questions, not just economic ones.

Debra Satz