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Derecka Purnell

Derecka Purnell is a lawyer, writer, organizer, and author of Becoming Abolitionists: Police, Protests, and the Pursuit of Freedom. She is also a Guardian columnist.

Derecka Purnell discusses her new book Becoming Abolitionists, how she came to join the movement against policing and prisons, and what a just world looks like.

Derecka Purnell Nia T. Evans

Abolition is not only about eliminating the police, but imagining new systems that work to ensure a fair, equal society where there is no place for racism, ableism, or state violence.

Derecka Purnell

Activist Derecka Purnell interviews historian Elizabeth Hinton about her new book, America on Fire, and how the label “riot” discredits Black political demands.

Derecka Purnell Elizabeth Hinton

Abolition is not about transforming the police, it is about transforming the nation.

Derecka Purnell

A primer in the history and practice of radical black politics.

Derecka Purnell

Our demonstrations should make us smarter.

Derecka Purnell