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Erica Smiley

Erica Smiley is the executive director of Jobs With Justice. A long-time organizer and movement leader, Smiley has been spearheading strategic organizing and policy interventions for Jobs With Justice for nearly fifteen years, serving in numerous leadership capacities including campaigns director and as senior field organizer for the southern region. Smiley co-authored The Future We Need: Organizing for a Better Democracy in the 21st Century with Sarita Gupta. As one of the few queer black women leaders in the labor movement, Smiley has helped to seed numerous initiatives that position and prioritize the demands and voices of vulnerable working people in socio-economic and political decisions that directly and indirectly impact their individual lives, families, and communities. As a seasoned organizer she has been a vocal advocate for mobilizing our movements to be aligned around a common agenda for working families.

Recent union drives point the way to more effective action against corporate power.

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