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Hyunseop Kim

Hyunseop Kim is a Postdoctoral Scholar in Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford University. Hyunseop completed his Ph.D. in philosophy at New York University in 2012. In his dissertation, he developed a non-consequentialist theory about our moral obligations to future people. He received a LL.B. and a M.A. in philosophy from Seoul National University, and studied at the Judicial Research & Training Institute in Korea. He served as a judge in Seoul for a while. He specializes in moral and political philosophy, currently working on Rawls and climate change, utilitarianism and population ethics, parental obligations and the non-identity problem, and non-natural moral realism and moral psychology. His most recent publication is ‘The uncomfortable truth about wrongful life cases’ (Philosophical Studies, forthcoming).


 Ethicists, economists, and others have developed a set of useful tools for deciding what to do when economic, environmental, and social values conflict. 

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