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Jonathan Beecher Field

Jonathan Beecher Field is an associate professor of English at Clemson University, and the author of Town Hall Meetings and the Death of Deliberation.

Jonathan Beecher Field War on Thanksgiving

Some on the right insist that efforts to curtail Thanksgiving are in reality sinister attempts to rewrite the country’s history.

Jonathan Beecher Field
Jonathan Beecher Fields Statues Racism Columbus

Activists fighting to remove statues of slavers and colonizers understand better than most how public memorials can be a form of violence.

Jonathan Beecher Field
Jonathan Beecher Field Got Shakespeare

When conservatives declare the death of the English major, they highlight the need for the critical thinking skills that English departments excel at teaching.

Jonathan Beecher Field
Trump witch hunt feature

Trump would do well to remember that it is only a witch hunt if the accusations are untrue.

Jonathan Beecher Field

Focusing only on Confederate monuments misses that racism is memorialized everywhere.

Jonathan Beecher Field