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Joseph J. Fischel

Joseph J. Fischel is an Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Yale University.  His research traverses normative political theory, feminist and queer studies, and public law. He is the author of Sex and Harm in the Age of Consent and Screw Consent: A Better Politics of Sexual Justice. He is currently working on his next book project, Sodomitical Justice: A Solicitation, which investigate the life and afterlife of sodomy law in New Orleans and beyond.

The Supreme Court recognizes the right of consenting adults to an erotic life free of state control. Given that, it shouldn’t matter whether sex is your job.

Joseph J. Fischel

Porn performers have a unique vision for labor justice and erotic fulfillment, but they face draconian regulation and exploitative work conditions.

Joseph J. Fischel

Arguments that kink has no place in a post-#MeToo Pride may appear reasonable, but celebrating public sexuality is an important step toward a future free of racism and homophobia.

Joseph J. Fischel
Alex Morse 2

Allegations against Mayor Alex Morse sought to use a moral panic for political gain. Such manipulations of public sentiment not only harm their intended target, though: they can set back decades of progressive politics.

Kevin Henderson Joseph J. Fischel
Joseph Fischel NOPD Pride rainbow badge LGBT

Pride festivities attempt every year to reinforce the idea of an LGBT community, but when it comes to views on policing, white gay men and trans women of color often have little in common.

Joseph J. Fischel

Debate over Title IX affirmative consent standards has assumed that consent is the best basis for a feminist sexual politics. But what if it isn’t?

Joseph J. Fischel