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Lelac Almagor

Lelac Almagor teaches English at a charter school in Washington, D.C.


Accountability is important. But tests that tie school funding to student performance only make things worse.
Lelac Almagor

I was still in college the first time someone cried in a parent-teacher conference with me.

Lelac Almagor

Some of the 'soft skills' we teach are not about character at all—just the appearance of it.

Lelac Almagor

Forum Responses

Danielle Allen posits a tension between two competing purposes for public education. On the one hand is the vocational model, which she aligns with STEM instruction, technical education, and, by implication, a...
Lelac Almagor
What Makes a Program Effective? James Heckman argues that because social inequality originates in early life, our public policy ought to focus on effective early intervention. Closing the gaps in development early—or...
Lelac Almagor

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