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Louis Fisher

Louis Fisher is Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project and Visiting Professor at the William and Mary Law School. From 1970 until 2010, he served at the Library of Congress as Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers and Specialist in Constitutional Law at the Law Library. His latest book is The Law of the Executive Branch: Presidential Power, published in January 2014.

A building at Angel Island, with two stories-- the bottom tan colored, the top white-- situated against a forest.

Federal courts have been busy scrutinizing the government’s handling of immigration.

Louis Fisher
An activist in a black coat and holding papers stands in front of a blue and red banner reading "Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets." A stop sign reading "Stop SComm and ICE" is emblazoned on the banner's lower left hand corner.

Even if Obama’s immigration measure gets past procedural obstacles, it may be quickly revoked.

Louis Fisher

His ACA employer mandate delay was constitutional—why didn’t he say so?

Louis Fisher