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Lytton Smith

Lytton Smith is Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at SUNY Genesco. He is the author of three poetry collections: My Radar Data Knows Its Thing (Foundlings Press), While You Were Approaching the Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed By It (Nightboat Books), and The All-Purpose Magical Tent (Nightboat Books).

The Pruners Tale

An ancient pilgrimage route inspires a project of cooperative storytelling which pairs writers with detained immigrants, such as the Mexican horticulturalist in this story.

Lytton Smith David Herd
Chloe Forsell photo

America, she is not
is nearby, is
nearly in sight

Lytton Smith Chloe Forsell

A wheeling book of aspirations and frustrations, London: A History in Verse offers us a literary treasury: a record of the city, a roll of its events.

Lytton Smith
Lytton Smith

All too often we treat poems as either written or spoken.

Lytton Smith