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Melvin Rogers

Melvin Rogers is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Brown University. He is the author of The Undiscovered Dewey: Religion, Morality, and the Ethos of Democracy.

Melvin Rogers Minneapolis George Floyd

The rage on display in Minneapolis is not only about police violence. It is also about the country’s utter disregard for the pain of black Americans.

Melvin Rogers

Many say that despite Trump, our democracy is strong. But John Dewey cautioned that institutions alone won’t save us.

Melvin Rogers

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s latest book is his clearest expression yet of political fatalism. But black activism has always believed in the possibility of change.

Melvin Rogers

To be useful, history has to help us think about who we should become as a nation.

Melvin Rogers

Freedom needs the dignity that only our community can give us.

Melvin Rogers