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Pranab Bardhan

Pranab Bardhan is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. His latest book is A World of Insecurity: Democratic Disenchantment in Rich and Poor Countries.


Financial Times commentator Martin Wolf says "it's the economy, stupid." The truth is more complicated.

Pranab Bardhan
It's cultural resentment, not economic malaise.
Pranab Bardhan

Big-time development economists are missing something.

Pranab Bardhan
The Limits of the NGO Movement in Global Development
Pranab Bardhan
Some myths about the rise of China and India.
Pranab Bardhan

Forum Responses

I agree with Rachel Glennerster and Michael Kremer’s basic points that small incentives can generate large changes in behavior among the poor, and that in general the new field of behavioral economics...
Pranab Bardhan
I appreciate the concern that Fung, O’Rourke, and Sabel express for transparency, broad-based participation, yardstick competition, independent monitoring, and coordinated action in the current proliferation of piece-meal, divergent, and arbitrary standards in...
Pranab Bardhan

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