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Robert C. Hockett

Robert Hockett, Professor of Law at Cornell University and Fellow at the Century Foundation in New York, is a designer of the eminent domain approach to underwater mortgage debt.  More on the plan can be found, e.g., in his recent paper for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on the subject.

climate panel

A transcript of our panel discussion on the Green New Deal and our new book Climate Action.

David G. Victor Robert C. Hockett Edward J. Markey Joshua Cohen Thea Riofrancos Alyssa Battistoni

For centuries, governments have used eminent domain to override dysfunctional contract or property arrangements.

Robert C. Hockett

We needn’t rob Peter to pay Paul.

Robert C. Hockett

The original New Deal offers important lessons for a green future.

Robert C. Hockett