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K. Sabeel Rahman

K. Sabeel Rahman is a Four Freedoms Center Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, and in 2015 will be joining the faculty at Brooklyn Law School. His research focuses on democratic theory, participatory institutional design, and economic policy. He earned his JD from Harvard Law School and Ph.D in political theory from the Harvard Department of Government.  


After an eventful summer in Silicon Valley, there is blood in the water. At stake is democracy itself.

K. Sabeel Rahman

Financial reforms are on Trump’s chopping block, and the stakes extend far beyond the economy.

K. Sabeel Rahman

Restoring genuine democracy must go beyond campaign finance.


K. Sabeel Rahman

To build a tangible, inclusive, meaningful, and durable community, we must begin with public goods.

K. Sabeel Rahman

Consumer prices are not the only concern raised by dominant companies.

K. Sabeel Rahman