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Samantha Zighelboim

Samantha Zighelboim is a poet and translator living in New York City. Her debut collection of poems, The Fat Sonnets, is forthcoming from Argos Books in 2018. She is a 2017 NYFA/NYSCA Fellow in Poetry, and a recipient of a 2016 FACE OUT grant from the Community of Literary Presses and Magazines (CLMP), as well as the 2016 John Frederick Nims Memorial Prize for Translation from The Poetry Foundation. Her poems and translations have appeared in POETRY, Sixth FinchFanzine, Stonecutter, The Guardian, PEN Poetry Series and Springhouse, among others. She teaches creative writing and literature at Rutgers University and The New School.

lehmantwopoems Poetry

Demise might not happen today what do I see
    a large woman walking with two canes a striation
of exhaust fluid pooling in a left-over rain puddle
    from a downpour this morning that I watched

Samantha Zighelboim
Samantha Zighelboim