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Samuel Bowles

Samuel Bowles is a researcher at the Santa Fe Institute and author of The New Economics of Inequality and Redistribution and the forthcoming Machiavellli’s Mistake: Why Good Laws Are No Substitute for Good Citizens.

Sam writing on window SFI 2011

The postwar generation understood why a prosperous working class is crucial to the economy. Can economics be accessible again to ordinary Americans?

Samuel Bowles Joshua Cohen

The welfare state is in trouble not because selfishness is rampant (it is not), but because many egalitarian programs no longer evoke deeply held notions of fairness.

Herbert Gintis Samuel Bowles
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Pessimism about a selfish electorate is fundamentally misdirected.

Herbert Gintis Samuel Bowles

Markets do not lead to a languishing of civic virtues.

Samuel Bowles

Reciprocity and distributive justice.

Herbert Gintis Samuel Bowles