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Sébastien Smirou

Sébastien Smirou is the author of three poetry volumes—Un temps pour s’étreindreBeau voir, and Mon Laurent—as well as a recent prose meditation, Un temps pour se séparer : notes sur Robert Capa. A psychoanalyst, he has translated two psychoanalytical texts from the Italian, Antonino Ferro’s Rêveries and Domenico Chianese and Andreina Fontana’s Immaginando. He is currently a literary fellow at the Villa de Medici in Rome.

4673132488_ef6b9dd85c_z Poetry

I’ve been talking about by my body intact—which seems to raise

doubts in jellyfish form—by a sound so dully muffled

my tortoise makes upon crashing down by the flies

that bug vacationers duped by so much ado about little remains (to be seen).

Sébastien Smirou