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Theo Costantino

Theo Costantino is an Australian visual artist and writer who holds a PhD from Curtin University, where they have worked as an academic since 2005. They work across drawing, sculpture, video, photography, and performance, and have written prose, libretti, and dramatic text. A choral work in collaboration with Tim Cunniffe, Requiem for the Heroic Dead, is currently under development. In 2009 they wrote the musical theater work Heart of Gold, which appeared at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. They have written critical texts including “Ruination and Recollection: Plumbing the Colonial Archive,” which appeared in Visual Arts Practice and Affect: Place, Materiality, and Embodied Knowing.

iceland-shack-hut-cabin Fiction

“'I felt no hunger but the habit of food struck me intensely. My nightgown was grubby and torn. My limbs were scraped, spotted with yellow bruises, but I felt no pain.” Short Story

Theo Costantino