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Victoria-Lola M. Leon Guerrero

Victoria-Lola M. Leon Guerrero is the Managing Editor of University of Guam Press. She teaches Women and Gender Studies and has taught Creative Writing and other writing courses at the University of Guam, Mills College, and Southern High School. She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Mills College and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the University of San Francisco. She was also a Policy Analyst and writer for Speaker Judi Won Pat in the 32nd Guam Legislature. Victoria has published a children's book, short stories, and essays, co-edited an anthology of Chamoru writers, and was the editor of Storyboard: A Journal of Pacific Imagery for three years. Victoria has written several articles and produced two short films critiquing the U.S. militarization of Guam and expressing the need for Chamoru Self-Determination, which are available online. She is the co-chair of the Independence for Guam Task Force and is actively involved in organizing the community to fight for Chamoru self-determination and express their concerns about the U.S. military build-up. 


On becoming the collateral damage of American warmongering.

Victoria-Lola M. Leon Guerrero