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Yuliya Komska

Yuliya Komska is an associate professor of German Studies at Dartmouth College. Together with Michelle Moyd and David Gramling, she coauthored the book Linguistic Disobedience: Restoring Power to Civic Language.

Duolingo Free Language

Media stories praising online language learning as an inexpensive way to take a “vacation” during COVID-19 have expressed astonishingly little curiosity about the conditions under which gig-economy language teachers labor.

Alberto Bruzos Moro Roberto Rey Agudo Yuliya Komska

Far-right leaders often call for one nation united under one language. At the same time, they have always been good at using translation to spread their politics.

Yuliya Komska
antifascist language boston review

As Germans learned after World War II, combatting fascist language is harder than just deleting offending terms. Can we find a creative solution that serves today’s needs?

Yuliya Komska