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December 1993 / January 1994

Humanitarian Intervention

Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, Diane F. Orentlicher, Carl Conetta, Charles Knight, and Robert Leavitt, on military intervention. Also: Vivian Rothstein on the right to be homeless, David Ferry translates Horace, and more.

On Intervention

“Humanitarian Intervention”
Noam Chomsky

Never Trust Imperialists (Especially When They Turn Pacifist)
Christopher Hitchens

Intervention and Resistance
Richard Falk

Should We Risk Lives to Save Lives?
Diane F. Orentlicher

Free Reign for the Sole Superpower?
Carl Conetta, Charles Knight, and Robert Leavitt

Outside the Blue Nile
Yusef Komunyakaa

A Post-Modern Romance?
Alan A. Stone

Is There a Right to be Homeless?
Vivian Rothstein

Poet’s Sampler
Thomas Lux introduces Kevin Pilkington

Confusion City
Alice Mattison

The Toss
Cyrus Cassells

Brief Reviews

Otherwise by Eleanor Wilner
David Gewanter

An Untold Tale by Jonathan Strong
Maxine Rodburg

A Child Is Not A Knife by Göran Sonnevi
Don Share

Stained Glass by Rosanna Warren
Sue Standing

Readers’ Forum

The controversy about “Intellectuals in the Age of Crack” continues with Eric Foner, Cathy J. Cohen, Noel Ignatiev, Harvey Cox, and Clyde N. Wilson.

A debate on Mitchell Kapor’s “Democracy and the New Information Highway” with Alan Shaw, Sven Birkerts, Richard Stallman, Vinton Cerf, Nathan Myhrvold, and Mitchell Kapor.

Letters to the Editor

Tu ne quaesieris (Ode I.11)
Horace, translated by David Ferry

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