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July/August 2011
Edward S. Steinfeld leads the forum on China’s quietly radical political revolution; Helen H. Wang, Andrew G. Walder, Ying Ma, and others respond. John R. Bowen on Europe’s rightward drift; Mark Schmitt on what Obama truly stands for; the Aura Estrada short story contest winner.  


China’s Other Revolution

Edward S. Steinfeld — with responses from:


Editors’ Note
Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen


State of the Nation: Republicans’ 2012 Electoral Problem
Stephen Ansolabehere
Dispatch: A Beautiful Place
Ahmed Moor
Dispatch: How to Write About Africa
Anna Clark
Art Note: Like a Dog
Colin Dayan
Leadership, Free to Lead
A forum with Buddy Roemer
Civil Rights Rollback
David Freeman Engstrom
The Morning After Marriage
Jason Anthony
Who Represents the Poor?
Pranab Bardhan
Underground in Beirut
Josh Wood
What’s In a Name?
Jillian C. York
Thinking in an Emergency
Elaine Scarry
Karlan’s Court: Me, Inc.

Pamela S. Karlan

Context: Europeans Against Multiculturalism

John R. Bowen

Books & Ideas

All About Obama: A President Without an Ideology
Mark Schmitt
On the March: Hungary’s Ascendant Right Wing
Paul Hockenos
Square Dance: Agnes de Mille’s Beloved Community
Megan Pugh
A Too-Modest Proposal: A Palestinian Peacemaker Gives Up on Politics
Avner Inbar and Assaf Sharon


Aura Estrada Fiction Contest: Aviator on the Prowl
Kalpana Narayanan — selected by Francisco Goldman

On Film

Bin Laden: The Movie
Alan A. Stone

On Poetry

Poet’s Sampler
Rodney Jack, introduced by Cate Marvin and Wayne Johns
In the Details: Allan Peterson’s As Much As
Stephen Burt
When That Becomes This: Comparison in Politics and Poetry
David Micah


Evening in the Company of Undecided Birds
Cal Bedient
Alex Dimitrov
Song for Sonoma
Tess Taylor
America! America!
Ricardo Alberto Maldonado
The Gift Shop
Cate Peebles
From Love, Imagination
Sarah Sarai
So Tender Beauty
Sarah Sarai
From the Dictionary of the History of Ideas:Paradox
Brian Blanchfield
If Hounds
Genevieve Burger-Weiser
ROTC Kills
John Koethe

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