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May/June 2006
Greg Grandin on Hugo Chávez; Helena Cobban on Hamas; Stephen Glain on Egypt’s Muslim Brothers. Alex Byrne on the mind-body problem; Alan Stone on Brokeback Mountain; Andrée Greene on Colson Whitehead; poems by Katy Lederer.  

Free and Fair

Hamas’s Next Steps
Helena Cobban
The Brotherhood
Stephen Glain
Memory Place
Marc B. Haefele


Job’s Hope

On not knowing God
Ben-Zion Gold

What Mind–Body Problem?

Understanding consciousness may be easier than we thought
Alex Byrne

Politics as Usual
How the Republicans came to rule the South
Jefferson Decker
Name Calling
Colson Whitehead’s Apex Hides the Hurt
Andrée Greene
Bridge Building
On writing Brookland
Emily Barton


How to Escape from a Leper Colony
Tiphanie Yanique

On Film

Judgment Day
Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain and Paul Haggis’s Crash
Alan A. Stone

On Poetry

Poet’s Sampler
Introduced by Mary Jo Bang
Jenny Boully
Extended Play
Elizabeth Bishop’s Edgar Allan Poe & The Juke-Box
John Palattella
Talk, Talk, Talk
David Antin’s i never knew what time it was
Ernest Larsen
A Waiting Heart
John Koethe’s Sally’s Hair
Robert Hahn


That Everything’s Inevitable
Katy Lederer
A Triumvirate
Katy Lederer
from “Letters to Michael
Mark McMorris
A Village Journal
Sandra Lim
Robert Desnos, translated by William Kulik
Furniture of the World
Kathy Nilsson
from Shy Green Fields
Hugh Steinberg

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