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November/December 2009

Investigative Special Issue

Tom Barry on the convergance of the immigrant crackdown, the war on drugs, for-profit prisons, and rural poverty in West Texas; Nir Rosen on Iraq's ugly peaceTara McKelvey asks if religion is an obstacle to PTSD treatment in the military.

Vivian Gornick on Edward Carpenter; Evgeny Morozov on the limits of Wikipedia; a short story by Aura EstradaJohn Gallaher wins the 12th annual poetry contest.


A Death in Texas: Profit, poverty, and immigration converge
Tom Barry
An Ugly Peace: What changed in Iraq
Nir Rosen
God, the Army, and PTSD: Is religion an obstacle to treatment?
Tara McKelvey
State of the Nation: The Supreme Court: What do Americans think about property, punishment, and poverty?
Stephen Ansolabehere
The Lost Radical: >Edward Carpenter’s democracy of the soul
Vivian Gornick
Edit This Page: Is it the end of Wikipedia?
Evgeny Morozov
Biography and the Bench: Albie Sachs’s The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
Ryan Thoreson
Life Work: Nicholson Baker grows up
John Crowley
Desperately Seeking Sam: Remembering Beckett twenty years after his death
Roger Boylan



One, Two, Three, and Four Rabbits
Aura Estrada

Where's Your Sense of Humor?

Aura Estrada


On Film

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