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November/December 2014

25 Years After the Wall Fell

Paul Hockenos on a group of young anarchists in East Berlin. Plus: Henry Farrell on Ireland’s Cold War; Mike Konczal on public goods, profits, and state legitimacy; Vivian Gornick on the state of contemporary feminism; Stephen Phelan after Scotland’s Independence Referendum.   
Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen
Paul Hockenos
Ireland’s Cold War
Henry Farrell
Brazil’s Era of Possibility
Gianpaolo Baiocchi



State of the Nation: Big Spenders
Andrew Mayersohn
Made in America: Slumming It
Claude S. Fischer
Mike Konczal
The Russians Came!
Val Vinokur


On Poetry

Seventeenth Annual Boston Review Poetry Contest
francine j. harris selected by Major Jackson
Poems About Poems
Stephen Burt
The Flame in the Grate: Uche Nduka’s Surrealism
Joyelle McSweeney
Poet’s Sampler
Blair Johnson introduced by Monica de la Torré


On Film

Alan A. Stone



Beth Bachmann
Archaeology: Toolbox with Level
Cara Chamberlain
Survival Italian
Chad Davidson
Two Poems: Portrait of a Hanged Woman and Lamentation of a Hanged Man
Monica Youn
Goodbye to All That, the Birds Included
Adam Clay
Urban Fantasy
Denise Duhamel
David Sanders
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