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September/October 2013
Pamela Ronald leads a forum on GMOs with replies from Marc Gunther, Margaret Mellon, Rosamond Naylor, Nina Fedoroff, Jack Heinemann, and others. Samuel Farber explores Raúl Castro’s Cuba; new translations of Edmundo Paz Soldán; Leland de la Durantaye on Italo Calvino; Alice Whitwham on John Ashbery, and more.  


The Truth About GMOs

Pamela Ronald — with responses from:

Marc Gunther, Greg Jaffe, Margaret Mellon, Rosamond Naylor, Robert Paarlberg, Nina Fedoroff, Tim Burrack, Jennie Schmidt, and Jack Heinemann.

Editors’ Note
Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen


State of the Nation: Job Openings
Paul Osterman and Andrew Weaver
Under the Rock
Haroon Moghul
Made in America: Learning Sympathy
Claude S. Fischer
Karlan’s Court: A Moveable Court
Pamela S. Karlan


Raúl’s Cuba: Don’t Expect Real Reform
Samuel Farber


James Pouilliard
Three Shorts
Edmundo Paz Soldán, translated from the Spanish by Kirk Nesset

Books & Ideas

Hardscrabble:A Different Woody Guthrie
Megan Pugh
Do the Right Thing: Calvino’s Letters
Leland de la Durantaye

On Poetry

Poet’s Sampler
Julie Kantor, introduced by Josh Bell
Closer: John Ashbery’s Quick Question<
Alice Whitwham


On Film

Subject of Study: Alice Winocour’s Augustine
Alan A. Stone



Why Sorrow Is Important
Jordan Windholz
Bird, Singing
Lucie Brock-Broido
Jane Lewty
Rae Armantrout
Rae Armantrout
Brian Foley
Autumn Wind
Li Bai; translated from the Chinese by Liang Yujing and Julian Farmer

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