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Winter 2023
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How can the speculative imagination help us build a better world?

At a world-historical moment of global upheaval, speculative writing is enjoying a renaissance. This collection of poetry, stories, and essays engages speculation as both a ubiquitous feature of financial capitalism and a radical tool of collective imagination. By rejecting dominant ideas about what is possible, speculation empowers us to plot new paths to a more just world.

Creative works range over violence and healing, memory and erasure, and alternative worlds, while essays span the meaning of land and community in the African diaspora, Octavia Butler’s speculative fiction, and the ethics of the far future. Taken together, these works suggest that speculation is ultimately about our relationships with each other—as one contributor puts it, “what they have been, what they are, and most important, what they could be.”

Contributors: Andy Battle, Junot Díaz, Christina Drill, Kristin Emanuel, Alexis V. Jackson, Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, Parashar Kulkarni, Ian Maxton, Kelly McCorkendale, Kenda Mutongi, Njoku Nonso, Swati Prasad, Evaristo Rivera, Amanda Rizkalla, Abu Bakr Sadiq, Kieran Setiya, Sandra Simonds, and Ashley Warner.

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