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Tag: Asia

Founded a century ago, the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly defied predictions of its demise.

Macabe Keliher
The Atlanta shooter comes from a culture that connects Asian women to sex and violence. It has its origins in U.S. wars—particularly the Korean War—and is fueled by our continued military presence in Asia.
Jessie Kindig

Thailand has been gripped by the largest wave of protest in years, forcing a reckoning between the country’s dual structures of democracy and monarchy.

Peera Songkünnatham
Some gender equality initiatives help to reinforce exclusion rather than dismantle it.
Milli Lake, Marie E. Berry
While economists enshrine Hong Kong as the ideal free market, the social consequences of its neoliberal policies have been disastrous.
Macabe Keliher

Though Modi's government draws concern today, the country's constitutional history suggests a framework for creating democracy in unlikely settings. 

Ashutosh Varshney

On the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, it is clear that white supremacy sustains the U.S. nuclear arsenal. 

Elaine Scarry

Some have praised China's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but its suppression of information helped cause the problem in the first place.

Yasheng Huang

The protests have been critiqued for their rejection of classic nonviolence—but that may help explain why they has been so successful.

Candice Delmas

An interview with Arundhati Roy on censorship, storytelling, and her problem with the term "postcolonialism."

Avni Sejpal, Arundhati Roy

In a bid to consolidate power, Erdoğan is reshaping Turkish politics in the image of the Ottoman past.

M. Hakan Yavuz

Trump has promised a Korean "peace regime." But whose peace is being insured? And who is subject to its imposition? 

Jessie Kindig

An open letter from a Filipino writer to his fellow citizens.

Miguel Syjuco

Vijay Prashad on writing, struggle, and hope in difficult times.

Mark Nowak, Vijay Prashad

As Trump tweets us closer to war, a look back at North Korean nationalism may provide an out.

Odd Arne Westad

From scrapbooks to family albums, a new book presents their visual testimonies from Kashmir.

Suchitra Vijayan

Sujatha Gidla, born an untouchable in India, tells the story of her family.

Sujatha Gidla

One of the largest peaceful protest movements in recent world history.

Ran Liu, Guobin Yang

Islamic jurisprudence does not encourage abortion, but unlike the Catholic Church, it does not absolutely forbid it.

Tom Hundley

Protests against a new waste management system signals a turning point in Chinese environmentalism.

Sarah Hill

Shigeru Ban's humanitarianism is unquestioned, but are his designs too humble to warrant architecture's most coveted prize?

Stephen Phelan

Peter Matthiessen's Orientalism.

Joel Whitney

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed discusses the findings of his research into U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and their effects on the region.

Wajahat Ali

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