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Tag: Books

Greening the economy is not only possible but necessary: global economic growth depends on it.
Robert Pollin

Claude S. Fischer paints a broad picture of what Americans say they want—and suggests what might finally get them there.

Claude S. Fischer
An Interview with Richard Nash.
Matt Runkle, Richard Nash

Is the end of Wikipedia near?

Evgeny Morozov
Poetry in translation rarely gets much of a hearing in America, and Swedish poetry fares even worse.
Robert Archambeau

Zbigniew Herbert and the limits of the political.

Alissa Valles
Poems that offer a guided tour of the dangers lurking around every corner.
Matthew Thorburn
Poems that play with the high absurd.
Charlie Clark
Poems that move from Heroditus to plastic snap beads, from Kafka to empty storage containers.
Tess Taylor
Poems that challenge the supposed certainty of myths.
Zack Finch
Radi Os by Ronald Johnson.
Dan Beachy-Quick

Into the electronic millenium.

Sven Birkerts

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