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Emmanuel Saez, Gabriel Zucman

For the sake of justice and democracy, we need a progressive wealth tax.

Gabriel Zucman Emmanuel Saez

For the sake of justice and democracy, we need a progressive wealth tax.

tomorrow without fear
Robert Manduca

In the 1940s and ’50s, the general public understood and agreed upon Keynesian economic principles. Today, we can learn a lot from the popularizing efforts that led to that consensus and long-lasting economic success.

Amy Kapczynski

A new, neoliberal interpretation of the First Amendment is undermining the regulatory state—and every labeling and advertising law is now in the crosshairs.

Lenore Palladino

For decades, shareholder primacy has obscured the fact that employees should do well when businesses do well.

rethinking the responsibility to protect
Adom Getachew

In 2001, three frameworks for handling international crises emerged: the War on Terror, an ill-defined "responsibility to protect" struggling countries, and the Caribbean movement for reparations. The first two have failed, but the third may still have something to tell us.

Sam writing on window SFI 2011
Samuel Bowles Joshua Cohen

The postwar generation understood why a prosperous working class is crucial to the economy. Can economics be accessible again to ordinary Americans?

ilhan omar boston review
Stephanie DeGooyer

Amidst chants of “send her back,” it’s clear that we need a more just conception of citizenship—one that abolishes the distinction between “natural” and naturalized citizens.

slobodian book review 1
Quinn Slobodian

Three new books paint a chilling portrait of darkness in Wall Street, the law, and technology. But the apocalyptic metaphors obscure the real problem, hindering how we fight back.

Sarita Gupta, Stephen Lerner, Joseph A. McCartin

Traditional worker organizing has failed on every level. But new approaches are finding success, pointing the way to a more just future.