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Tag: Editors’ Picks

Matthew Karp

The 1850s were a turning point for globalization, from telegraphs to colonization.

Rafia Zakaria

A new series explores how reading works by global women of color is generative.

Yue Hou, Diana Fu, Greg Distelhorst

Despite the risks, Chinese social media users are beating online censorship.

Tariq Mir

In the name of fighting radical Islam, Indian troops have gone to war with civilians.

Colin Dayan

Undocumented immigrants face horrible conditions in U.S. detention, with little legal recourse.

Jo Guldi

Brexit is an episode in the long contest between rulers and the working class.

Judith Levine

When your father is trans, memoir is both personal and political.

Claude S. Fischer

Government has always played an outsize role in creating jobs—and still can.

Gianpaolo Baiocchi

Dilma Rousseff's impeachment circumvented the democratic process.

Ingrid Norton

America continues to be haunted by our need to grieve.

Lauren Carasik

Will victims of the war be served by the call for restorative justice?

Garrett Felber

Integration doesn’t guarantee equality or freedom.

Erik Loomis

States are stealing from orphans to pad their budgets. And it's legal.

Christopher Petrella

The DOJ says it will stop using private prisons. The truth is more complicated.

Andrea Mammone

For many EU citizens in the UK, the Brexit vote means the end of home as they know it.

Simon Waxman

Trump may have just been running off at the mouth, but policy experts agree he’s not entirely wrong about our dysfunctional relationship with NATO.

Robin D. G. Kelley

The ideas in the movement’s new manifesto would enrich our practice of democracy.

Lauren Carasik

The U.S. turns a blind eye on the murder of environmentalist Berta Cáceres.

Oded Na’aman

War is almost always a choice, a madness we go along with.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Many young children become obsessed with gender. How do we know which are trans?

Matthew Buckley

The resolution of a tantalizing hint of new physics discovered last year.

Michael Bronski
Radical gay liberation laid the ground for the moderate legal gains of gay rights.
Robert L. Kehoe III

The Olympics have long tried to obscure the political nature of sport.

Colin Dayan

On the cruelties the South doles out to animals, children, and black folks.

Donna Murch

Debt still sends many people—especially black people—to jail.

Matthew Buckley

The history of false alarms leading up to the final discovery.

Ben Armstrong

Startups aren't the magic bullet for economic growth.

Elizabeth Anderson

How did we come to view social insurance as socialist?

John McMahon

Government incentives may make us less moral, not more.

Mike Konczal

Local government can't fix our problems. Only big government can.

Matthew Buckley

An inside look at the most powerful particle accelerator in the world.

Henry Ace Knight

After fourteen years, Mohamedou Ould Slahi may finally have a chance at freedom.

Alex de Waal

The vote will have consequences far beyond the UK's borders. 

Mahmood Mamdani

The country needs a political rebirth.

Becky Elias, Daniel E. Ho

Should we apply peer review to government?

Christopher Lebron

Prosecutors are corrupting the intent of lynching laws.

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn

The UN's World Humanitiarian Summit came up empty-handed.

Elizabeth Hinton

The enduring impact of President Johnson’s Crime Commission.

Claude S. Fischer

Cities are now playgrounds for the rich, with the poor forced into suburbs.

Michael Bronski

Suddenly conservatives want us to believe they care about homophobia.

Matthew Buckley

The quantum puzzle of mass.

Judith Levine

Rapists should be held accountable. But is more incarceration the best way?

Cas Mudde

European analogies abound, but the GOP frontrunner is homegrown.

Richard Kreitner

It is almost impossible to grasp how much Thomas Jefferson believed in progress.

Jonathan Kirshner

Trump will have done real damage even if he doesn't win.

Martin O’Neill

Egalitarianism requires not just redistribution but equal social standing.

Judith Levine

With terrorism scares aplenty, how worried should one be?

David Sehat

Conservative Christians are out to restore their historical legal privileges.

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Just in time for the holidays, get any three print issues of Boston Review for just $35 – that’s 40% off the cover price!

Before December 9, mix and match any three issues for one low price using code 3FOR35.

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