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Tag: Globalization

Michel Houellebecq’s Islamophobia and chauvinism have made him a favorite intellectual of right extremists. So why does he appeal to so many on the left as well?

Martin Gelin

We have surrendered the cherished value of “innocent until proven guilty” for the security logic that we are all “risky until proven safe.”

Matthew Longo

The left has not articulated an alternative trade agenda that supports all the world’s workers in a global economy.

Erik Loomis

Hwang Sok-yong’s novel Familiar Things sounds a warning about the pitfalls of Korean reunification.

John Feffer

The philosopher Herbert Marcuse saw machines as our greatest hope for real liberty. But in Trump’s America, automation feels more totalitarian than ever. 

David Moscrop
Forget retraining and compensation programs. History offers a better way forward. 
Suzanne Berger
What the rise of megaplatforms means for the rest of us.
Frank Pasquale
When it comes to globalization, slowing down is the best way forward.
Andrew Schrank


The loss of jobs that accompanied globalization could have been avoided.

Dean Baker

Can the nation-state serve social justice?

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò leads a forum with Thea Riofrancos, Mariame Kaba & Andrea Ritchie, Ishac Diwan & Bright Simons, and others. Plus Leila Farsakh on Palestinian statehood, Astra Taylor and Leah Hunt-Hendrix on a “solidarity state,” Joshua Craze on rule by militia, and much more. 

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