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Tag: Sports

Peter Dreier
Robin DiAngelo’s best-selling book sells a misguided view of baseball integration to her readers and corporate clients.
Éric Morales-Franceschini
In ‘Be Holding,’ celebrated poet Ross Gay interweaves the legacy of one of basketball’s greatest moments with a meditation on Black resilience.
Robert L. Kehoe III

The Olympics have long tried to obscure the political nature of sport.

Robert L. Kehoe III

Big-money college sports suffer a lot of criticism, but they are symptomatic of larger shifts in the moral economy of higher education.

Jenny Hendrix

In Thrown, Kerry Howley explores the fleeting ecstasy of a brutal sport.

Andrew Mayersohn
Sports are an excellent tool for thinking through tricky ethical and political questions.
The correlation between football and environmental rankings.
Matthew Fishbane
Playing football in the Soloman Islands. 
David V. Johnson

But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Jason Anthony

Big spectacle games are made for professions of faith, and holy language is exactly the right fit.

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