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Tag: State of the Nation

Stephen Ansolabehere
Is the Constitution a "living document"?
Stephen Ansolabehere
What percentage of Americans know someone who is gay? 
Stephen Ansolabehere
The impact of the Iraq war on republican voting preferences. 
Stephen Ansolabehere
What do you most want congress to do to balance the budget? 
David Scott Yeager, Ariel Malka, Jon Krosnick
When it comes to global warming, the public has consistently manifested one strikingly widespread misperception.
Stephen Ansolabehere
— and what for.
Zoltan Hajnal, Marisa Abrajano
Andrew Mayersohn

The "independent" expenditures in the midterm elections are record-breaking 

David M. Konisky, Stephen Ansolabehere
Global warmning doesn’t register highly among Americans’ environmental concerns.