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Tag: Trump

Stuart Streichler

Amidst the January 6 hearings, the fiftieth anniversary of Nixon’s scandal reminds us that it has only gotten harder to hold presidents accountable.

Baher Azmy

The lawless—and ongoing—administration of the prison by four American presidents underwrites the broader democratic crisis we face today.

Glen Weyl, Henry Farrell

New tools and technology policy might help, but politics come first.

Noam Chomsky, David Barsamian

Noam Chomsky on his new book, the Capitol coup attempt, 2020 unrest, and the prospects for progress under Biden.

Bernard E. Harcourt

The Republican Party has become a white nationalist party. If old fashioned politics can’t change that, we must consider alternatives.

David Walsh
Joe Biden positioned himself as the “return to normalcy” candidate. But normalcy is not something we can afford—we must actively resist it.
Archon Fung
Unless we bolster its foundations, our enfeebled democracy won’t be able to solve any of the daunting problems Biden has singled out as priorities.
Joshua Cohen, Reed Hundt

Part two of a conversation on voter turnout, vote counting, and what we can expect now. 

Robin D. G. Kelley

Surveying Trumpland with Cedric Robinson

Andrew Elrod, Mark Engler
Tax policies like New Jersey’s new Millionaires Tax are morally and economically essential.
Samuel Clowes Huneke
West German witchcraft trials after World War II reveal how political rupture can fuel magical thinking. What lessons might we draw for our own age of QAnon conspiracies, anti-vaccination, and strange COVID-19 cures?
Yochai Benkler
The party’s fifty-year strategy has reached an electoral dead end.
Charles H. Clavey

The Frankfurt School on the appeal of authoritarianism—and how to counteract it.

Jennifer Sutton, Camilla Schofield, Daniel Geary
The simultaneous success of Trump and Brexit was no coincidence: white supremacist politics are international in scope and often share entwined histories.
Joshua Cohen, Reed Hundt
Donald Trump's winning strategy.
Jan-Werner Müller

Some candidates who lose elections strengthen democracy, but others threaten the democratic system itself.

Samuel Clowes Huneke
Fixating on whether Trump’s response to COVID-19 is totalitarian makes it difficult to have a nuanced discussion about the role government should play in times of crisis.
Aziz Rana, Aslı U. Bâli

In a world imperiled by global pandemic, it is long past time to put an end to sanctions—including new ones against Iran—and to reconstruct U.S. foreign policy around international solidarity.

Gregg Gonsalves, Amy Kapczynski
Decades of neoliberal austerity will make it harder to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, we must rebuild our social safety net and forge a New Deal for public health.
Barry R. Posen

Despite claims to the contrary, the Trump administration wants regime change in Iran and is risking a full-scale war in order to get it.

Malick Ghachem

Beneath Trump’s impeachment lurks a troubling complacency—among Democrats and Republicans alike—with the nature of U.S. imperial power.

Aziz Z. Huq, David Landau, Tom Ginsburg
How other countries’ constitutions protect against political free-for-alls.
Rajan Menon, Andrew J. Bacevich
The barrage of attacks that followed Trump’s decision to reduce the U.S. military presence in Syria obscures the decades-long bankruptcy of the U.S. foreign policy establishment.
Ronald Aronson

Trump’s secret to success is that he expresses his base’s deep sense of alienation and grievance—cultural and social far more than economic.

Stephanie DeGooyer
Amidst chants of “send her back,” it’s clear that we need a more just conception of citizenship—one that abolishes the distinction between “natural” and naturalized citizens.
Masoud Movahed
Donald Trump's “maximum pressure” strategy is doomed to fail, especially as tensions rise between Iran and the United States.
Henry Farrell, Bruce Schneier
How can democratic societies protect—and protect themselves from—the free flow of digital information?
Bruce Schneier, Henry Farrell
Democracies rely on the free exchange of ideas and information, but that freedom can also be weaponized to erode democratic debate. How can democratic societies protect—and protect themselves from—the free flow of digital information?
Greg Grandin

Donald Trump says there is “a crisis of the soul” at the border. He is right, though not in the way he thinks.

Pankaj Mishra, Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali speaks with Pankaj Mishra on the devastating consequences of Western imperialism, globalization, and capitalism and the fate of liberal democracy.
Martha C. Nussbaum, Boston Review
Watch Martha C. Nussbaum discuss her latest book and where to go next in our moment of political crisis.
Jason Stanley
Fascist politics exploits freedom of speech for authoritarian ends.
Deborah Chasman, Errol Morris
Morris on his new film and what he thinks of the man who likened himself to Darth Vader and Satan.
Charles Cameron
When it comes to fighting Trump’s regulatory agenda, it is the D.C. Circuit that will matter, not the Supreme Court. 
Jason Frank

The charge of populism says at least as much about those making it as it does about their opponents.

Melvin Rogers

Many say that despite Trump, our democracy is strong. But John Dewey cautioned that institutions alone won't save us.

Aziz Rana, Aslı U. Bâli
As the Trump–Putin summit made clear, U.S. policy in Syria has always been about grand strategy—never about what would actually help the people on the ground.
Bonnie Honig
Both at home and abroad, Trump deploys a politics of misogyny—lifted right from Machiavelli.
Elaine Kamarck

Trump may be egregious, but he is also a symptom of a much bigger problem facing modern presidents: the inability to govern.

Terry M. Moe, William Howell

The Founding Fathers didn't design Congress to solve national problems in the national interest. 

Calvin TerBeek, Robert L. Tsai
We can’t fully appreciate the current anti-immigration moment without understanding the decades-long investment by right-wing movement politics.
Felicia Wong
Political lessons from the state of resistance.
David Carroll
Were data crimes perpetrated against U.S. voters? We are about to know a lot more.
Scott Casleton
Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing is later this week. Here’s why we should all be concerned.
Rajan Menon, Thomas Graham
To understand Russian and U.S. strategies, you have to read between the lines.
Archon Fung, Arlie Hochschild

A conversation between Arlie Hochschild and Archon Fung.

David Moscrop

The philosopher Herbert Marcuse saw machines as our greatest hope for real liberty. But in Trump’s America, automation feels more totalitarian than ever. 

Lawrence B. Glickman
On the long road from FDR to Trump.

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