Photo: Matthea Harvey

In honor of National Poetry Month, we publish one poem every day in April, plus extra features weekly. Here is this year's line-up:

April 1 – Eleni Sikelianos, excerpt from Make Yourself Happy
April 2 – Natalie Eilbert, “Vagenesis”
April 3 – Geoffrey G. O’Brien, “Experience in Groups”
April 4 – Kim Hyesoon translated by Don Mee Choi, “Driving in the Downpour”
April 5 – Rebecca Zweig, Two Poems
April 6 – Marcus Wicker, “Watch Us Elocute”
April 7 – Juliana Spahr, “My White Feminism”
April 8 – Ari Banias, “Continuity”
April 9 – Nicole Cooley, “Floating Island”
April 10 – Noelle Kocot, “Pictures of Elk”
April 11 – Albert Abonado, “Flattened Children Are Inevitable”
April 12 – Anaïs Duplan, Two Poems
April 13 – Emily Pettit, excerpt from “Their Names”
April 14 – Kaveh Akbar, “Portrait of the Alcoholic with Craving”
April 15 – Gerard Coletta, “Eastern Standard”
April 16 – Alice Jones, “Evolution”
April 17 – Aracelis Girmay, “luam to her sibling”
April 18 – Alex Dimitrov, “Days and Nights”
April 19 – Geneva Chao, Two Poems
April 20 – Vicente Huidobro translated by Ignacio Infante and Michael Leong,
                excerpts from “Sky-Quake: Tremor of Heaven”

April 21 – Mica Evans, Three Poems
April 22 – Josh Bell, “The Films of Tony Scott”
April 23 – Simone White, “Stingray”
April 24 – Michael M. Weinstein, Two Poems
April 25 – Kenzie Allen, Two Poems
April 26 – Dylan Furcall, Two Poems
April 27 – Kwame Dawes and John Kinsella, excerpts from ‘Illuminations’
April 28 – MC Hyland, Three Poems
April 29 – Joan Naviyuk Kane, Three Poems
April 30 – Ken L. Walker, Excerpt from ‘How They Fall / Like That’


Plus: Jericho Brown on overcoming writer's block and the idea that black joy can only be in spite ofKaren Lepri interviews Dawn Lundy MartinTadeusz Dąbrowski interviews D. A. Powell; Louis Bury writes about what the poem knows that we don't, yet; Nick Admussen examines the effects of revolutionary violence on Chinese poetry; Rachel Galvin writes about Latino/a poets who refuse the role of “native informant”; and Dale Smith reviews David Hadbawnik's new translation of the Aeneid.


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