Swivillization and its bearings grinding—listen.
Cylindrical vertical shaft to a flat disk—expansive—beveled, bolt-mounted clarity of surface, distortion, dramatic layout, world.
Rotating Superfly Periodista writes that bearings are born in bearing-maker’s alley.
Rotating Superfly Periodista is correct. 
Swivillization and its bearings grinding—sounding out.
Politically Correct has always been fair play—all around, in that it means to ramp up a preceding narrative—so that it might proceed to a counter-dominant current—that if honed, correct, or not, as the narrative’s intent to transform is—we’ve duly noted, and have responded—is on its way.
Pissing in the toilet instead of on it—is correct.
Determined to flush out the empirical side of it, pier 49, Guangdong, 12 hour shifts the walk-off’s daily the roundups hourly the pulse of fear second by second related word by word as expressed by 99-cent mops in Brooklyn that last a week.
That much he knows and that his life has dribbled out its last soixante-huit hurrah.
That much its accumulated effective swerve toward the point of
Below the shaft is a double-notched mounted triangular tangle of angular solid iron—turbine.
The social function of the turbine is determined by the power motor, the power motor by the fuel hose, the support hose’s fine mesh is achieved by infusing small amounts of liquid rayon the droplets sticking to their forearms, 200 of them streaming out of hangar 48, Tegucigalpa.
Causal Description gives the worker-reader a much needed workout and that he or she resists it is because of the ease of swivillization and its disconnects—on the sphere, flat, rotating, distracted, nervous, fickle, but true.
True, Superfly Periodista could be tracking it in sections, flying fractions of world, 2,000 shots per second, yet, Superfly has to make a calculation as to its
General Motion.
Corollary being that consciousness does not depend on either self-embroglio’d poetic or academically-encased temporalities.
And thus, in agèd accents, a stranger in the audience asks:
“of us, present here, which of us stands imputed so?
are we
as to
which is
to lash out at all? or forestall?
to a love of all? or forestall?”
And Superfly, in slightly less agèd accents, responds:
“in this my neighborhood, in this my city, my country, on this my daedalian disk—flat—beveled, bolt-mounted clarity of surface, distortion, dramatic layout, world—neither.
Another stranger pipes up:
“Neruda might say the bearing makers are his Madres de Grafito y Hierro Palpitantes—by the millions, that they cradle him, that through the svelte-leopard night—rocks it, humanity.”
And a third stranger:
“to slinky-dink at all—enthrall? 
of a slicky-slack of all—enthrall?”
But the empirical evidence gathered without correct Dialection of the Social is like a mop without a handle, hard on the knees.
Conversely, correct Dialection without empirical evidence is like a mop without a sponge, hard on the aesthetics of acetate flooring.
The narrative so far diagrammatically alludes to the earth as a flat disk mechanically rotated
instead of a lush sphere afloat in space elliptically around the sun. 
Of so many substances
Future Poetry’s
Of so many instances
ball-bearing rollers’
And that we are like bearings, support-swivellings, grinding on, our tropes.
And that we rotate—like a CPU fan, clamped on and cooling.
And that we swivel—like a utility desk chair, poly-angular, free but for the screen.
“Build Nature!”
“Nurture Building!”
As photons from the spastic sun pelt the same hemisphere, comrades report from Caracas:
Las Comités Montañeras—on fire!
Of so many assemblies—confederative, careen towards Dual Government.
Collective work tied to collective product’s circulation…scrap wood to the central pile, some to the flame…tawny smoke over the city hills.
systolic necessity, diastolic
To have heart
in the face of confusion.
unto the matter present.
around Carthage.
A cheap pair of support pantyhose.
A transnational relay. 
A democratic assembly.
unto the Blap Blap.
unto the Blip Blip.