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Articles in Science & Nature tagged with Mind and Psychology

Marco Ramos

Decades of biological research haven't improved diagnosis or treatment. We should look to society, not to the brain.

John Summers
The Judge Rotenberg Center, a Massachusetts school, still uses electric shock therapy to punish disabled students. How can an entire field of mental health accept this as fine?
Greg Eghigian

This summer, an intelligence report and a new Harvard research project have renewed the public’s interest in UFOs. But neither is likely to change many minds.

Deborah Chasman, Merve Emre
The Myers-Briggs Bias: An Interview with Merve Emre
David Auerbach
Through the experience of parenting his daughter, a software developer came to see Google and Facebook as the first digital children. 
F. M. Kamm

What constitutes a good death? On end-of-life care and assisted suicide.

Claude S. Fischer
A bad environment can worsen the life chances not only of a child, but that of the child’s child.
Claude S. Fischer
Do they affect individuals and societies more or less than do material circumstances such as economic incentives, physical constraints, and military force?
Claude S. Fischer
How egoism can also lead to self-defeating self-blame.
Anne Fausto-Sterling

Brain images are ubiquitous and compelling, but the science behind them is not.