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David B. Grusky

David B. Grusky is Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, Director of the Center on Poverty and Inequality, and co-editor of Pathways.


Emmanuel Saez and David Grusky discuss why taxation, though a blunt instrument, might be the best available solution.

David B. Grusky Emmanuel Saez

The writers—including Nobel Laureate in Economics Kenneth Arrow and bestselling authors Paul and Anne Ehrlich—lay out what our country’s principles are, whether we’re living up to them, and what can be done to bring our institutions into better alignment with them.

Debra Satz David B. Grusky Rob Reich Doug McAdam
Fox in the Henhouse

If we’re serious about reducing inequality, we need to do more than raise taxes on the rich. We need to correct the market failures in labor and education that generate it.

David B. Grusky

I’m grateful for the thoughtful criticisms of my essay.

David B. Grusky

The “laissez-faire” tag that we so love mainly serves the rich.

David B. Grusky