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Robert L. Tsai

Robert L. Tsai is Professor of Law at American University. He is the author of America’s Forgotten Constitutions and Practical Equality: Forging Justice in a Divided Nation.


It’s easy to interpret the disorder of our COVID-19 response through the lens of unpreparedness or partisanship. But that misses the complex legal structure of emergency governance.

Robert L. Tsai
baldwin buckley boston review

A new book explores how William F. Buckley, Jr., and James Baldwin came to share a stage in 1965 and what their debate over black inequality reveals about the modern conservative movement. 

Robert L. Tsai
Tsai birthright citizenship feature

The Fourteenth Amendment was shaped by freed blacks’ insistence that everyone born in the United States deserved full citizenship.

Robert L. Tsai

Jeff Sessions is fond of citing the Bible to support the persecution of immigrants, in stark contrast to a long tradition of biblical interpretation.

Robert L. Tsai

We can’t fully appreciate the current anti-immigration moment without understanding the decades-long investment by right-wing movement politics.

Robert L. Tsai Calvin TerBeek