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October/November 1993

The New Face of Unions

“The New Face of Unions”: A discussion with Kris Rondeau, Joel Rogers, Charles Sabel and others. Also: Neil Gordon on the undeserved obscurity of John Fante’s life and art, Mitchell Kapor’s essay “Democracy and the New Information Highway,” and Alan Stone on The Story Of Qiu Ju, and more.

The New Face of Unions

Finding Their Voice
Kris Rondeau discusses organizing with Richard Balzer

Restoring the Right to Organize
Larry Cohen

Labor at the Crossroads
Allison Porter and Richard Bensinger

Imagining Unions
Joel Rogers and Charles Sabel

The Rancher
Michael Collier

Comedy and Culture
Alan A. Stone

Michael Dorris

Poet’s Sampler
Tom Sleigh introduces Suzanne Qualls

Democracy and the New Information Highway
Mitchell Kapor

Poet’s Sampler
Martín Espada introduces Jack Agüeros

Realization and Recognition: The Art and Life of John Fante
Neil Gordon

Brief Reviews

The Pugilist at Rest by Thom Jones
Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson
Sven Birkerts

What We Don’t Know About Each Other by Lawrence Raab
Don Colburn

Judge on Trial by Ivan Klíma
Matthew Goodman

Iona Moon by Melanie Rae Thon
Alexandra Johnson

My Alexandria by Mark Doty
Bruce Smith

After the War on the Land
Andrew Salkey

Hayden Carruth

Readers’ Forum

Eugene Rivers’s Challenge: A Response
Eugene Genovese

Neta Crawford and Virginia S. I. Gamba join the debate on cooperative security

Letters from Ned Hanauer and Nancy Kaufman

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