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September/October 2008

Is There Enough Food and Water?

Frank Rijsberman on water scarcity; Rosamond Naylor and Walter Falcon on the food crisis; Elaine Scarry argues for prosecuting Bush administration torturers. Roger Boylan reads the literature of Ireland’s “Troubles”; Robert von Hallberg on war poems; Colin Dayan on Aimé Césaire.  

Meeting the Demand

Every Last Drop: Managing our way out of the water crisis
Frank R. Rijsberman
Water Technologies: A Case Study
Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel, Clair Null, and Alix Zwane
Our Daily Bread: Without public investment, the food crisis will only get worse
Rosamond Naylor and Walter Falcon


History Matters: Why we must acknowledge the claims of the Palestinians
Joseph Levine
Presidential Crimes: Moving on is not an option
Elaine Scarry
The Party’s Over: Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam’s Grand New Party
Lew Daly
Intimate Revenge: Writing the Troubles
Roger Boylan
The End of Sexual Identity: Fiction’s new terrain
Stacy D’Erasmo


Gay James

On Film

Working Wonders: Faith Akin’s The Edge of Heaven
Alan A. Stone

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