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Tag: Caribbean

Contrary to those who cast Marxism as a Eurocentric “white ideology,” the Guyanese revolutionary saw it as an essential component of struggles against colonialism.

Noaman G. Ali, Shozab Raza

It's at the heart of what makes The Black Jacobins a classic.

David Scott
Toward the end of his life, Frederick Douglass served briefly as U.S. ambassador to Haiti. The disastrous episode reveals much about the country’s long struggle for Black sovereignty while always under the threat of U.S. empire.
Peter James Hudson

The work of Haitian-Dominican poet Jacques Viau Renaud recalls a time when the two sides of the Caribbean island were united by their visions for an equal society.

Sophie Maríñez

In the 1970s, a bloc of Third World states forced the United Nations to take seriously the unequal distribution of global wealth. Could their example inspire a new generation?

Adom Getachew

M. NourbeSe Philip combs history for the black American experience.

Carina del Valle Schorske

Renewed U.S. relations may worsen inequality for Cuba’s blacks and women.

Michelle Chase

On vacationing in Vieques

Sarah Hill

Jonathan Katz has written the book about the Haitian earthquake. How does he contextualize the tragedy in the country's history?

Colin Dayan

I went back to Haiti on August 15, a year and a half after the earthquake. The place where I had lived on and off since the summer of 1970 was unrecognizable. But the politics were familiar.

Colin Dayan
There are no natural disasters, only social ones.
Junot Díaz

In the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake, an anthropologist reflects on his fieldwork in Haiti fifty years earlier.

Sidney W. Mintz

The inescapable truth is that “the world” never forgave Haiti for its revolution, because the slaves freed themselves.

Sidney W. Mintz

It is now eight days since an earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince.

Colin Dayan
In Haiti, a militant, prophetic literature thrives alongside political disaster.
Patrick Erouart-Siad

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