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Tag: Education

Decades after apartheid South Africa, student activists face a new obstacle: the financialization of university endowments.

Kian Braulik

Forty years ago, the exiled South African activist dared to teach Zionism critically. A furious backlash ensued.

Abena Ampofoa Asare

Private universities should respond to the charge of hypocrisy with a maximalist approach to free speech.

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

Not only does censorship allow the slaughter of Palestinians to continue; it also serves as the mirror and justification for state violence.

Judith Butler

The crisis here spells disaster for the future of public education.

Johanna Winant, Jessica Wilkerson, Rose Casey

Institutional reform is no match for pervasive structural inequality.

Christopher Newfield

In her scholarship, mentoring, and activism, Farah Jasmine Griffin brings a praxis of radical love to an unequal academy.

Robin D. G. Kelley

Building public trust requires far more than the conveyance of facts and instruction in scientific thinking.

Silvia Ivani, Catarina Dutilh Novaes

“Don’t Say Gay” laws can be traced to the Reagan-era crusade to put “parents' rights” before the interests of children.

Judith Levine

During the Cold War, El Paso public schools knew this too when they taught the children of former Nazis how to be white Americans.

Jonna Perrillo

The Judge Rotenberg Center, a Massachusetts school, still uses electric shock therapy to punish disabled students. How can an entire field of mental health accept this as fine?

John Summers

Even as they carve out space for Black scholarship, established universities remain deeply complicit in racial capitalism. We must think beyond them.

Jared Loggins, Andrew J. Douglas

Education is not inherently liberatory: it has always been an arena for broader struggles over who has access to knowledge and to what ends learning is put.

Victoria Baena
To support the work of the future, we must promote workers’ skills as crucial to technological progress.
Nichola Lowe

Artist-activist Shellyne Rodriguez speaks with Billie Anania about museum labor practices and how Strike MoMA imagines a future of art for the people.

Shellyne Rodriguez, Billie Anania

Why the left’s turn from higher education has coincided with a newfound conservative appreciation for it.

Marshall Steinbaum
I wrote letters for West’s hire and renewal at Harvard. The school’s administrators completely miss the point of tenure.
Robin D. G. Kelley
The pandemic holds important political lessons for the climate crisis, but they must be taught.
Aaron Karp

Two new books take aim at the moral failures of meritocracy. But we can advocate for a more just society without giving up on merit.

Agnes Callard
The Brazilian president’s offensive against universities threatens democracy and recalls the dark years of the country’s dictatorship.
Marcelo K. Silva, Gianpaolo Baiocchi

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